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I am so flattered when people ask permission to tattoo my work on their skin. Reputable tattoo artists will require that you have written consent from the artist to use their work. I offer permission to use my drawings and designs by charging a fee and e-mailing you a PDF that you can give to your tattoo artist. This fee is a small contribution to support me and my future art.

Most of the drawings in my site are available for tattoo. If you saw something elsewhere that you are interested in getting tattooed please contact me to ask if it is available. Some work may be a private commission and is not available for tattoo.

To purchase consent for a tattoo please e-mail me with the title of the drawing you would like to tattoo before purchasing the tattoo consent. I will e-mail you back within 48 hours to answer any of your questions and verify that the piece you requested is available for tattoo. Upon purchase of the tattoo consent, I will e-mail you a PDF of the tattoo consent form. For drawings that do not have high-quality images online, I can also e-mail you a PDF of the design for the tattoo artist's reference.

You are purchasing consent for one tattoo of the specified drawing. This consent is non-exclusive, meaning other people may also have the same design tattooed. Please do not tattoo any of my work or reproduce my work in any way without prior written consent from me. All drawings and designs are protected under intellectual property copyright law. Please be considerate of me and my work and respect that I make part of my living from my drawings.

For those in Edmonton, I would be happy to refer you to tattoo artists who excel at dotwork and blackwork style tattoos and have experience using my designs. Shoot me an e-mail and I'll be happy to send you their portfolios.

I also offer custom drawings in the form of commissions. Fees vary for this so please get in touch with me if you are interested.

Contact me for anything at hello@eringreenough.com
or use the contact form on this site